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The question was asked by David.Berry at

"What is the answer to preventing thieves from attacking my YJ?"

Answer - You can't.

All you can do is try to slow them down and make it harder.
If someone is dedicated to stealing a Jeep or stealing something from it, there is nothing that we can do about it. But in-between the honest and the dishonest are the "dishonest when it is convenient," that is to say, the ones who will steal from your jeep when it is easy to do, but not if there is a chance of an alarm going off or if they will have to spend time breaking into the jeep. These are the people that we can deter - tjamcd at
How easy is it for car thieves to break in?
I watched a show awhile back in which the network paid an ex-thief to show how easy it is to break into a car. He did a few just to show it wasn't something special about one particular car that let him do what he did. He unlocked the vehicles doors with the popular "slim jim" opened the doors and got in with a hack saw and cut through one side of the steering wheel and bent it slightly, slipping out the "Club". It took him 11 seconds to cut the steering wheel, and less than 40 seconds total from the time he first touched the outside of the car until he had the vehicle started and drivable with the club off. He also said car alarms that don't have ignition diasable features don't work because everyone just ignores alarms as an annoying sound these days. - Kevin Bush <kbush>
Jeeps are very easy to break into, especially with a soft top. Suggestion here is to leave NOTHING of value in your car. And then consider leaving it unlocked.
After having 3 cars broken into on a regular basis in Washington DC, and paying out the butt for new auto glass, I decided that the best and cheapest approach was to simply keep all valuables (and invaluables) out of it and leave it unlocked. It took me a long time to get used to the idea of someone just helping themselves to the inside of my car, which I knew was happening every other week or so by the occassional beer bottle or cigarette butt that was left in there.
BTW, as far as potential punishment for Jeep thieves/vandals, how about this: The last time my car was broken into the only thing that was stolen was a white, powdery compound (in a plastic baggy) that I'd gotten from a jeweler friend to buff a scratch out my windshield.
To the thieves who took it, I'd like to say, "Enjoy!" ;^ - Chris Mancusi cmancusi at

Suggestions of things you can try:

Ah, but you can do some things that may deter the casual criminal.

The Disabler Switch.

The Steering Wheel.

Other Goodies.

Alarms, "The Club" and other devices don't always work.

People ignore them.
I have been extremely skeptical about the Truck club since mine jammed on my wheel a few weeks ago and I had to cut it off with a hacksaw, on a busy street in broad daylight with lots of people walking by. And nobody even asked me what I was doing, or if it was my jeep, or anything. And it only took ten minutes - adam at
After having my CJ7 stolen, I secured a VERY heavy chain between the seat and the brake pedal using a padlock. One saturday morning I came outside to find my Jeep up on the sidewalk in some bushes. I guess they got it started and began to drive. As they approached the stop sign I think they realized that they weren't going to be stopping! So they drove it up on to the sidewalk into some shrubs to stop it. There were a lot of people just standing around looking at it in the morning. I just hopped in, backed onto the street and parked it - chrustie at
Don't beat the villains if you catch them red handed! You could get into trouble.
A friend of mine was arrested for assault after she clubbed the shit out of some guy she caught in the act of ripping off her tape deck (she used one of the silent pager alarms). She broke the guy's leg and collarbone, and got busted when the police showed up--someone called them because they heard the guy screaming for help--but when she got to court her lawyer claimed self-defense and the charges were dismissed by the judge (I guess they found a knife at the scene.) She got the jump on the guy, sprawled across her front seats - ragreen at

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