Zebraman to the rescue!

Here are a couple pictures of myself taken at my friend Margie's party. The idea was to come as a celebrity -- not a real celebrity, but an imitation of someone. I came as Zebraman, an actor formerly famous in the 50's for pictures such as Zebraman, Return of the Zebraman, Revenge of the Zebraman, and Zebraman vs. Godzilla, but now spending the 70's as a guest on game shows such as Hollywood Squares (where I crave Paul Lynde's position in the center square) and $10,000 Pyramid.

Zebraman!Here I am answering one of Margie's questions.

Shootin' the ShitEveryone said this sign looks more like "Skootin' the ####" than "Shootin' the ####", but I didn't paint it so I don't care.  This photo censored after my sister-in-law commented on the profanity on my web page at a family dinner -- on my birthday, no less.