Skiboards: The Ones I Actually Bought

Reviewed by Todd Murray (Click here to contact me), who claims complete editorial independence because nobody's paying money for this page either.

Note: The picture quality really sucks because those cheap disposable cameras don't seem to work well in the dark, even with a flash.

On my earlier skiboard review page, I compared Salomon SnowBlades to Dynastar Twins and mentioned that I was leaning toward the Twins.  (No, not the baseball team... the skiboards.)  As it turns out, I changed my mind and bought a pair of Line Jedi 89's instead.
Here's a picture of the Jedi 89's, taken with my Snappy video capture thing (when its battery was low).

I bought my skiboards back in December 1998 at Crystal Ski and Patio (located next to the Crystal Crashport, but now out of business.) I decided to go with the Lines because I saw good reviews of them on the Internet.  I also liked their binding technology better than the Dynastar Twins -- they seemed to be a lot more solid.  As it turns out, I wasn't disappointed.
So far, I really like my Jedi 89's.  They have the Freeblock bindings; I wanted to save a bit of cash, and the guy at Crystal Ski & Patio said they were a bit more adjustable anyway.  (Not that it makes a lot of difference; both the Freeblock and the Freeflex binding system are a lot more adjustable than those on Salomon SnowBlades, for example.)
Here I am carving on the slopes at Afton Alps.  Photo courtesy of Abraham Zapruder.

These skiboards are a lot of fun and they're built really solidly.  They feel a lot more sturdy for tricks than my Sled Dogs ever did, and they're a lot more stable.
Here's the usual point-by-point review:

Carving: These things are AWESOME at carving -- they almost put snowboards to shame.  
Jumps and tricks: They do really well at jumps and tricks, and it's almost impossible to really blow a landing (except for when I come up on a double jump that I didn't see from the top).  
Ground spins: They work fairly well, although I've finally figured out why I was having problems with the SnowBlades: I was tilting my feet wrong and catching an edge.  
Moguls and powder: They do really well on moguls.  The night I was at Afton Alps, I was with several friends on skis.  I did a lot better on the moguls than they did (although I hate to brag).  
Halfpipe: I'll let you know as soon as I can sneak onto one.

Here's a jump at Afton Alps, where it was impossible to get any speed before taking off.  (Photo courtesy of Hal P. Warren.)

Overall, I'm impressed with my Jedi 89's and I'd recommend them as a fine alternative to (or replacement for) Sled Dogs. 
Here I am doing a triple-double inverted liu kang misty flip.  Or maybe I crashed.  This may not even be me, come to think of it.  (Photo courtesy of Allan Smithee.)

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