MISC logo Godzilla vs. Barney CONvergence 2009


Godzilla’s Bodysuit

For the Godzilla bodysuit, I built a padded undersuit based on hockey gear, which I had augmented with foam rubber to flesh out Godzilla’s contours. The hockey shoulder pads (actual shoulders removed) also gave me a good mounting platform to mount the dorsal fins.

Padding shown from the front
Padding shown from the side
Padding shown from the side with the mask on

I forgot to take pictures of the foam rubber attached to the hockey breezers (the pants), but they’re under there anyway. (I could have smiled in these pictures, instead of looking like I was on the way to my manager’s office for a performance review.)

After I had the under padding done and I had measurements, I could make the Godzilla bodysuit. Again, this is adapted from the generic animal costume pattern (Simplicity 8953 or something like that). I did the Godzilla bodysuit in early June.

First test of the bodysuit
Bodysuit viewed from the back with spines on
Bodysuit viewed from the side with spines on

In these pictures, I sewed the left/right sides and the shoulders together, but I didn’t sew the front to the back because I needed to figure out the tail first.



Barney’s feet are made of foam rubber carved to shape and skinned in the same way as I did with the Barney head. Godzilla’s feet are pretty much the same process.

Carving the Barney feetCarving the Barney feet
Designing the Godzilla feetDesigning the Godzilla feet
Carving foam with a carving knifeCutting the foam with an electric carving knife
Finishing up the cuttingThe Godzilla feet carved to shape, along with leftovers


Behind-The-Scenes Integration Pictures

Trying on the costumeTrying on the costume and testing the lights
Barney and Godzilla face offBarney and Godzilla face off
Testing the costume's lights with the room lights offIt looks pretty cool in the dark
Making a monster pose in my houseAt this point I had most of the costume done, but I didn't have anyone to frighten in my house