Bureaucratic Copyright Information

I hate to be bureaucratic about things like this, but I found some of my Web pages printed, reproduced and offered for distribution in Oshman's (a sporting goods store at the Mall of America). Someone did this without my knowledge, and that isn't cool. So, this became necessary:

All text and images in these World Wide Web pages is copyrighted 1995-2013 by Todd Murray. Duplication of any of this information, in whole or in part, is prohibited without my prior consent. However, it is permissible to make hypertext links to this site, or any pages within this site, without prior permission

If you want to redistribute any of this information and you are NOT going to profit from it, please e-mail me (tam@visi.com) first to request permission. I will consider such requests as long as I know the planned distribution method and location. (In other words, I don't want to walk into your store and find my materials on the bulletin board, when you've never told me about it.) If you ARE planning to profit from redistributing this information, be prepared to give me a chunk of the profits. If this is not acceptable, then do your own research (and HTML editing) instead of using mine.